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American Construction & Roofing LLC is the best team to call for your chimney needs. If you use a chimney in your home or business, sweeping your chimney is essential for fire safety. Without the proper maintenance, fires can occur and cause people to get hurt and property damage.

Get in touch with us if your chimney hasn’t been professionally inspected in over a year. We will show up ready to clean your chimney, and since cleaning is what we do, your property will be left spotless before we go.

American Construction & Roofing LLC is offering professional chimney sweeping services for you and yours. Keep your family, home, business, and neighborhood safe by calling (832) 358-7743 today.

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Experienced Chimney Sweeping Professionals

We have been serving the chimney needs of our community for so long. It has become second nature to us. Even if you use your chimney infrequently, you should call us for a chimney. If you use it often, your chimney should be professionally swept by us once per year and, even more often, depending on the frequency of use. We will be sure to let you know all the information you need to keep your property safe from an avoidable fire.

Offering Quick, Clean Chimney Sweeping Services

Our expertise enables us to work quickly for you. We will show up at the appointed time, and we’ll be ready to go. One of our friendly chimney sweepers will greet you with a smile and get right to work. You’ll point us to the chimney, and we will make some rudimentary measurements, set down our soot-catching tarps, and start sweeping.

By the time we finish, you will have a full report on the state of your chimney, and we’ll tell you when the next time you call us will be. Get in touch to book your chimney sweeping today.

Keeping Your Home and Business Safe with Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping, at its core, is fire safety prevention. Over time, the soot that gathers in your chimney pipe can accumulate and make for an extreme fire hazard. Not only is the residue itself highly flammable, but a blockage can lead to many other unforeseen problems that we would like to help you avoid.

If you are a homeowner or a business owner that uses a chimney to any extent, American Construction & Roofing LLC’s services can help you out. We are fire safety experts, and we want to keep you safe. Beyond providing the best chimney sweeping for the best prices, we will also give you a fire safety pamphlet and any other fire safety information you might need specific to your situation.

We always show up with the right equipment and training for the job. Our professional equipment will ensure the job is done quickly and effectively by our highly trained staff. We will answer your questions, clean up our mess, and leave your chimney clean so you can get back to your day.

Professional Chimney Inspections

If you don’t use the fireplace in your home or business very often you may think that a chimney inspection and chimney sweep and repair are not necessary. However, flammable creosote and other harmful debris accumulate nonetheless over time resulting in poor air quality that may also include harmful gas emissions.  American Construction & Roofing LLC chimney sweeps provide licensed inspection and repair as well as helpful tips for getting the most energy efficiency from your wood burning systems.  Our local chimney sweep experts are fully equipped with both knowledge and the right tools to ensure the safety of your chimney and property.

What Happens When I Hire a Chimney Sweep Near Me?

Our local chimney sweep uses long rods equipped with thick bristles to dislodge soot and debris following a high powered vacuuming that is specially made for cleaning chimneys. The work area on your property is carefully prepared beforehand with heavy duty drop cloths and additional materials to ensure cleanliness although chimney vacuums are actually designed with extra strength filters that significantly virtually eliminate dust discharge.   American Construction & Roofing LLC chimney sweeps are certified technicians fully equipped to clean the inside of your chimney and all its components including, damper, flue, crown, flue cap, smoke drafts and will thoroughly remove built up soot which that has developed in creosote deposits. A thick coating of toxic hardened soot, creosote is the result of the regular burning of wood or any fossil fuel or tar that must be professionally removed to ensure the continued safe use of your fireplace or any other fuel burning heating system.  In addition, our certified staff will inform you of any cracks or damage in masonry and the chimney flue or water damage that affect the safety and efficiency of your system and provide a written estimate for any required chimney repair before starting any work.

How Do I Prepare my Property Prior to a Visit From a Chimney Sweep?

American Construction & Roofing LLC kindly requests that you make your fireplace easily accessible before your scheduled appointment for chimney sweep and / or chimney repair. Our chimney sweeps make customer satisfaction their priority and are pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Why is a Chimney Inspection Necessary?

In addition to a dangerous buildup of harmful creosote, the following are some important reasons for getting your chimney checked each year.

Animal Nests

Many forms of wildlife take up residence in a chimney and are able to create elaborate nests that can blockages and hygiene hazards and toxic decay if the animal dies. American Construction & Roofing LLC provides humane and safe removal of fur and feathered friends that may have made your chimney their home.

Cracks in the Masonry or Chimney Flue

After years of temperature fluctuations brick chimneys are susceptible to cracks over time that can compromise safety and the proper functioning of a fireplace. In addition the liner in the chimney flue may become damaged after years of exposure to toxic fumes and smoke. American Construction & Roofing LLC chimney sweeps inspect the flue and chimney liner and test the damper carefully to ensure maximum efficiency and provide a detailed analysis and repair recommendations when required.

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