Imagine a roof that can last over 80 years and still looks beautiful, giving your property a luxury appearance in the whole neighborhood; sounds amazing, right? Tile roofing is an elegant, durable, and great material for hard climate weather. It’s not only beneficial for the layout but also for durability.

Unlike other roofing materials, a tile roof is usually made of clay or concrete. Usually, it has curved, ridged, or flat shapes adaptable to your home's structure. If you're interested in upgrading, here are 5 benefits of choosing tile roofs for your house. Keep reading!

Get Sustainability, Style, and Security With Tile Roofing


Clay or concrete tile roofs are designed to withstand hail, high winds, and even fire. Unlike wood, a tile roof will never deteriorate. Leaks are almost unheard of, and it is very rare for tile roofs to require repairs or maintenance unless they break due to a heavy impact.

Energy Efficiency

In practically all climates, tile roofs offer exceptional thermal properties, reducing heat losses. Natural air ventilation under the shingles creates a heat transfer barrier that can help cool a home in summer and heat it in winter, reducing energy costs by up to 20%.

Smart Investment

Tile roofs offer unmatched value when you consider the cost per year of use. Although the initial costs are higher, customers who choose a clay or concrete tile roof will enjoy the aesthetics, quality, energy efficiency, and sustainability for a lifetime.

Easy to Install

Tile roofs are one of the easiest systems to install when using trained professionals. Installation and long-term maintenance costs are much lower than other roofing materials.

Shingles Can Help Reduce Energy Costs

Because of the gap under them, the tiles can help block the sun's heat from being transferred to the attic, thus reducing reliance on air conditioning, significantly lowering cooling costs.

With American Construction & Roofing LLC, You Get Durable Tile Roofs

Enjoy the great benefits that a tile roof offers for your home. If you are looking for a professional company with certified roofers to properly install tile roofs on your home, American Construction is your best and top choice in Houston, TX.

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