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As one of the leading roofing companies in the region, American Construction & Roofing LLC has come to understand every facet of residential and commercial roofing systems. There is no element of the roofing system that we have not mastered, from the saddle, ridges, and eaves to the underlay membranes and the decking.

The roofing contractors on our team have long understood the needs and expectations of our clients. Clients want roofing systems that can weather the storm, support a functional gutter system, and withstand the passing of time. They want their roof repairs conducted swiftly and with precision—and they want them for a great rate.

For service that keeps clients happy and keeps rooftops strong, contact us, at (832) 358-7743 today.

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Roofers with Expertise and More

When it comes to roofing contractors, it pays to work with an experienced company. With seasoned professionals, you get all the expertise—and roofing equipment—needed to complete any roofing project in a timely fashion. That is where we come in.

More than experience, we also have all the roofing equipment needed to tackle even the most complex roofing assignments. With our air compressors, pry bars, scaffolding, and more, we can reshingle rooftops, repair leaks, and build roofs from scratch.

If you are eager to work with the full-service roofers at American Construction & Roofing LLC, call us today. With us, you'll get on-time service for an excellent rate—and results you never thought possible. We cannot wait to work with you.

All the Roofing Services You Need

Since our company's inception, we've learned not to just address our client's roofing issues promptly, but to also anticipate their roofing needs. To ensure we are ready for any roof-related matter, we've come to master all the roofing services any property owner could need. Some of our most request roofing services include:

Roofing Inspections

Commercial and residential rooftops require regular inspections. It is important that these inspections be conducted by professionals such as ourselves. When we inspect your roof, we'll be able to identify and correct those easy-to-overlook problems before they require costly repairs.

Roof Repairs

Roofing damages come in all forms. Eavestroughs buckle under the weight of water, underlayment turns moldy, and debris sometimes punctures the rooftop itself. Whatever the case, our certified roofing company will carry out all necessary repairs in a swift and affordable fashion. Rest assured: Our repairs will surely stand the test of time.

Roof Restoration

In the interest of efficiency and long-term savings, property owners sometimes need to restore their rooftop. Thankfully, we are more than capable of updating your roof to your specifications. Metal roof restoration is our specialty.

This brief overview barely scratches the surface. For all the roofing services you need under one roof, call us at (832) 358-7743 now. We can't wait to work with you.

Roofers You Can Rely On

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading roofing contractors in the region. We've risen the ranks not just by repairing rooftops to perfection—but by also addressing the everyday concerns of our clients. Some of what you can expect from our contractors includes:

  • Upfront quotes on roofing services
  • Fast turnarounds on repairs, installations, and more
  • Easy to schedule services

With our quick turnarounds and flexible scheduling options, you never have to cancel important plans or set aside important obligations. Here, we do our best to add a little convenience to your life. We think that's the least we can do for clients.

Clients might contact us because their roof needs professional attention—but they call us back because of the high premium we place on customer satisfaction. Let us treat you to a customer experience like no other today.

Reliable Roofers Ready and Waiting

Over the years, we have established ourselves as leaders in the world of roofing and home improvements. We've risen the ranks by offering incredible service for an unbeatable rate. More than just swift and long-lasting repairs, we provide our clients with a customer experience like no other.

  • With our services, you can always expect:
  • In-depth consultations and inspections
  • Upfront quotes on services
  • Sustainable roofing materials
  • Fast turnarounds on work
  • Cleanup services
  • And more

Would you like to learn a little more about our team? Do not hesitate to call us. We are always ready to take your call.

All the Roofing Services You Need

We pride ourselves on our ability to address all our client's roof-related needs. Whether they need to completely re-roof their home, are building a home from scratch, or the roof has sprung a leak—we can help. What's more, we offer our services for unbeatable rates.

Some of our most requested services include:

  • Leak repair
  • Shingle replacement and installation
  • Fascia and soffit installation, replacement, and repair
  • Flashing repair
  • Re-roofing
  • Roof inspections
  • Eavestrough issues

Say goodbye to your roofing troubles by picking up the phone and dialing our team.

Fast Turnarounds on Roof Repairs

We understand the importance of a job well done. We also understand the importance of finishing our work in a timely fashion. With us, you get a team that works quickly—without sacrificing quality.

Depending on the urgency of the situation, we will either come to your residence as soon as possible or schedule a visit at a time most convenient for you. We are here to serve you—nothing more, nothing less.

Roof Maintenance Made Easy

When you schedule your inspections and maintenance services with us, you save money today, tomorrow, and for years to come. We will make sure your roof is always up to code, saving you from any last-minute repairs in the days or years to come. With our in-depth knowledge of roofing systems and all the relevant regulations, you'll rest easy knowing your roof is as solid as can be.

Rely on Our Roofers for Quality Services

Whether you need last-minute roof repairs, or you would like to schedule a routine maintenance visit, we can help you. We handle repairs with care—and there is nothing routine about the way we inspect rooftops. For thorough and thoughtful service, call us (832) 358-7743. We blow the roof off the competition.