Roof Restoration in Houston

American Construction & Roofing completely restores the metal roofing systems of both commercial and residential homes and buildings in the Houston region with advanced roofing technology and a range of cost effective metal roof services and solutions. We offer superior and proven quality roofing products and systems installed by our team of licensed and insured roofing specialists. Benefit from the latest metal roof solutions that meet Energy Star requirements and eliminate the need for costly roof replacement and time consuming and messy roof tear downs while providing superior protection and long lasting performance.

Certified American Construction & Roofing roofing experts begin with a complete assessments and customized roof restoration services that include:

Metal Roof Power Wash - regardless of the state of your metal roofing system in Houston we start with a perfectly clean roof surface to properly identify metal roof problem areas promptly and efficiently.

Metal Roof Primer – High-quality roof primer is applied to improve adhesion and eliminate corrosion and rust.

Sealing of Fasteners, Seams and Screws – Coating on roof seams and fabric may deteriorates over time. Experienced American Construction & Roofing technicians apply caulking and sealing to prevent leaks and stabilize metal roof systems.

Metal Roof Protective Coating – American Construction & Roofing metal roof coatings provide a completely waterproof seal and ultimate weather and UV ray protection.

Metal Roof Coatings

American Construction & Roofing metal roof restoration coatings are a high performance roofing product that can literally save you thousands on metal roof replacement costs by forming a durable barrier that prevents rusts and corrosion from forming on metal roof surfaces, Protect your Houston property with a superior solar shield that translates into significant energy savings and stabilizes the entire structure. Lightweight and grease resistant, the latest metal roof coating applications extend roof life and significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Metal Roofing Topcoat

Roof leaks damage insulation and threaten the structural integrity of your commercial or residential metal roofing system in Houston. American Construction & Roofing fabric reinforced singly ply roof metal roof restoration systems provides a seamless, leak resistant membrane that results in a completely watertight durable topcoat that stands up to the toughest weather conditions and extends roof life span significantly. Bonded and insured American Construction & Roofing roof restoration specialists completely customize roofing membranes that are fully self-adhered and sealed to your existing metal roofing system without messy or time consuming roof tear downs. This advanced thermoplastic application offers superior reinforcement and strength that stabilizes against roof expansion and contraction over an extended period of time. Fire-resistant and easy to maintain, benefit from the latest in metal roof restoration technology at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

Metal Roof Maintenance

Extremely durable and long lasting, metal roofing can last beyond its expected lifespan with regular maintenance and care from an experienced roofing contractor in Houston, American Construction & Roofing recommends licensed roof inspections twice a year and a visual assessment following heavy storms or harsh weather conditions to get a head start on minor metal roof repairs before they turn into bigger and more costly problems. Roof components that are not made of long lasting metal include sealants and gaskets and eventually require replacement in addition to periodic protective coating applications.

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